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Handy Tools for Webmaster

Very handy and useful tools for webmaster and SEO specialists. Converters, link shorteners, IP and port scanners - quick tools for most webmaster needs.

Handy Tools for Webmaster

Convert Email address to image
Convert your email address to image, this helps to fight a spam. If you're publishing your email address on internet, stop - do not post it as text, just publish it as an image and spam email spiders will never find it out. It's the best way of publishing your email address in public (like forum boards, emails, social network profiles). Convert an email address to an image to protect your privacy for use on Web sites.

Convert regular Date or Time to Unix Timestamp
Convert a date or time regular strings to a UNIX timestamp. Very useful if you're configuring Unix caching or other Unix time/date based operations.

Convert UNIX Timestamp to date or time
Convert a UNIX timestamp to a regular date or time string. Good for making calculations with time or date in Unix based operations, caching or PHP.

JavaScript Clock Script
Add JavaScript Clock script to your website. It allows you to show live time on your web pages.

Robots.txt Checker
Use Robots.txt Checker to spy the robots.txt file of almost any website. Robots.txt Checker is very good for looking what web pages are forbidden for Google crawling, you may find some nice hidden pages that is not visible for crawlers and search engine results. Every SEO specialist should see inside of competitors robots.txt file. Also this tools will help you to create your own robots.txt file, by viewing other sites robots.txt sample.

Website Port Status Scanner
Website Port Status Scanner - is a tools for fast website check ins looking for major ports respond. Very useful for testing your VPS or website servers open port status. In most cases Port 80 - HTTP and port Port 21 - FTP should be open, other ports should be shut down!