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SEO Link Tools

SEO Link Tools are for extracting backlinks, checking reciprocal and nofollow links. It also great for analyzing website footprints for further SEO works.

SEO Link Tools

Check Backlinks
Extract all external backlinks from the specified domains page. Here you will be able to check backlinks that are outgoing into external website or subdomains. Check Backlinks tool - will generate for you nice list that you may use to analyze competitors website and where its website linksback.

Check links
Check links and find out all do-follow and no-follow links in specific web page. Analyze all internal and external links, see exact Url, Anchor text and find do it's crawlable by major search engines or it's hidden by no-follow tags. Check links is useful if you want to find out where dopage redirects it's users and search engines, how much it has links on the specific web page and what links transfer page rank (do-follow link tags).

No-Follow Finder
Scan a website to find nofollow links to various other sites. The Nofollow Finder examines all outgoing links for the specified website and flags links that have the nofollow attribute.

Reciprocal Link Validator
Check multiple web sites to see if they are really linking back to your website or link. With this Reciprocal Link Validator it's easy to find how many URL linking back to your web page. Tool is useful if you have link exchange or bought some links. Time to time webmasters tend to remove backlinks to your website and reciprocal link validator will help you to find it!

Shorten URL
Shorten url of the web page in just few seconds. ServersFree.com URL shortener is very useful if you want to share your links that is hard to remember for people. Also you might want to shorten URL if you want to hide exact URL address for people before visiting it, or to hide it against search engines.

Website Footprints and Keyword Finder
Find out niche websites that uses specific keywords in some parts of the page. Website Footprints and Keyword Finder tool is great for finding website foot prints with specific keywords, strings and urls. It will help you to find out websites that uses your specified keywords, CMS, script or any other website element that you're looking. Generate links that relate to the keyword/topic of your choosing.