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Header and IP Net Tools

Find more about website headers, meta tags and IP. All these net tools are superb in for researching your competitors or looking for SEO optimization of your website.

Header and IP Net Tools

Check HTTP Headers
Check HTTP Headers of a website. It's useful for checking if website is online or not (HTTP header response code for online website is 200 OK). Also you may see caching information and other useful HTTP header data like content charset or content type or server error codes (404, 500, 403...)

Competitors Meta Content Extractor
Extract all meta content information from a web page and see what meta tags uses your competitors to rank on Google. Meta tags plays important role in search engine ranking and every webmaster should optimize it for higher rankings. Most part that need to be reviewed are: Title of the page, Description of the page and Keywords of the page. This is the most important meta tags that should contain all your pages inside HEAD tag area. There are some talks that keyword metatags nowadays are not important. But we can assure you Yahoo and Bing search engines still gives some rank points for keyword metas. Other important meta content part is meta tags that are secondary important - it's Facebook and Google special metatags, so called Open Graph tags that are used to display predefined data at Facebook and Google.

Domain and IP Ping Tool
Ping your website domain or IP to find it's response time. Using ServersFree Domain and IP Ping Tool you can see how far away is server, if it's online or not. Note, some of the servers may be disabled PING services server responses.

Meta tags How To and Generator
Auto generate all major meta tags and learn how to add them into your website. Meta tags are important in whole SEO ranking. Just add your main keywords that you want your website to rank and this generator will create you full meta tags. Just copy and paste generated meta tags into your HTML files inside HEAD area.

Multi Website IP Checker
Get the website IP addresses for multiple domain names and find out what is server IP for specific website. By viewing IP of the website server, you may find out more about website location, do it has same IP with other pages and what companies are serving website hosting services. Multi Website IP Checker finds multiple IPs at once.

View HTTP Header
View the HTTP header of the website. You may see lots of useful data like response header code (200 - OK or 404 - not found), cache control, cache time and other good stuff. It helps you to find out if your website is online and visible for search engines by sending right HTTP header response codes to crawlers.

What is your IP and browser details?
Find out what is your IP and what is your browser details. Learn more Browser and find our how visible is your IP for other internet users. This data is valuable isf you're configuring network. Also it's useful to check your IP if you're using Proxy servers or want to find out what your data is visible for other internet users.

WHO IS Domain LookUp
WHO IS domain lookup tool, shows you main information and details about domain. Using free SEO WHOIS domain look up tool, you'll be able to find details like: Who is Domain Owner; Who is Registrar; What is domain nameservers; What is Domain status; Domain last updated, creation and expiration dates;