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Keyword Tools

Keyword Tools - best way of researching keywords for your website. Do not forget to spy on your competitors, it's always handy to know how they are ranking and what keywords they promote.

Keyword Tools

Keyword Research
Keyword Research - this tool is number one for getting keyword results and keyword suggestions. It will find and create less competitive but effective keyword phrases that you should use at your website to rank higher by one or another keyword. This keyword research tool is great before writing any text in your website. Just check for possible keywords and create your website text according to it.

Keyword Rich Domain Scanner
Keyword Rich Domain Scanner - amazing tools for finding domains containing specific keywords or phrases that is in you niche. This tool is used as starting weapon for finding possible competitors. Also you may use Keyword Rich Domain Scanner to find url footprints.

Multi Domain Search Engine Placement
Multi Domain Search Engine Placement - check multiple website domains rankings for one specific keyword in Yahoo search engine results. One of the best tools analyzing and comparing websites of competitors and looking in how well those websites are search engine optimized for one specific keyword and what is search engine placement for the keyword.

Search engine Multi Keyword Ranking Position
Multiple Search engine Ranking Position - great tool to get exact position of your website at Yahoo search engine for specific multiple keywords. Search engine ranking position - tells you how well you website ranked in Yahoo, also it's good to check position progress after your SEO campaigns or Yahoo search engine updates. search engine ranking position

Search Engine Position Checker
Nice free SEO tool to check the position of a single site with a single keyword on various search engines.

SEO Keyword Density Tool
The SEO Keyword Density tool extracts keywords from a website and determines how often they occur on your web page. Get a list of one-word, two-word, and three-word keyphrases organized by keyword density. Check the keyword density of a site to see how search engine crawlers see your content, optimize your keyword density, and research keyword trends. SEO Keyword Density Tool great to analyze your competitors web pages and see how it ranks and what phrases does it use most to rank in Google or other search engine. You can also check your own website for quantity of desired keywords.

Site Keywords Spy
Site Keywords Spy - amazing seo tool of spying your competitors for niche keywords and keyword phrases to rank high at search engine results. Using Site Keywords Spy you may extract keywords from any website and create a list of single, double, and triple word keyphrases for your website. Just find high ranked website and start analyzing its content and optimize your website by its results.