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Html Source Code Tools

Html Source Code Tools - tools that make your website code more secure, hidden or clear. Using Html source code tools you'll be able to encrypt, validate and speed up any website!

Html Source Code Tools

Hide HTML Source by Encoding it
HTML encoding - fast way of hiding your website HTML source. This HTML encoding tools uses Unescape JS method to encrypt all html code and hide it from viewing source inside the browser. This HTML source encoding method is useful for fast source hiding for usual website visitors and search engine or other spam crawler.

HTML Tidy Optimizer
Optimize your HTML code with HTML Tidy technology. This will help your clear up your HTML source code and reduce your file size. It will remove all blank spaces and optimize HTML with special TIDY functions. By doing this, your visitors will be able to load your website faster. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing will crawl it faster too. Also it may gain you some points in page ranking of search results in search engies.

MD5 Encrypt tool
Encrypt text or website code with MD5 Encrypt tool. It helps to encode some parts of your website and hide important data from viewing. You may encrypt all your backlinks, text or html in MD5 and nobody will see it in view source mode.

Site Size
Calculate exact size of any website's source code in bytes, KB and MB. Most Search Engines crawls first 100KB of the site. Some of search engines like Yahoo crawls around 200Kb. Google crawls even more. But size of the website is really a factor for good SEO and high SE rankings. Try to minimize size of your site and hold it around 50-200KB.

Test Website Speed
Test website speed and find out what you should to optimize to load it faster. Find out how fast your website loads because it's latest factor for SE rankings. Faster websites ranks better, and every SEO should pay attention to load time.

View Source code online
View source code of any website online. By using this free seo tool you'll be able to view source code of HTML files that is published online. It's great for SEO to find out more about website, web engine, JS code, advertising codes and hidden links or other web tricks.

W3C CSS Validation
Validate any cascading stylesheets with the W3C CSS validation tool. Check your CSS for possible incorrect syntax errors and W3C standard rules. Search engines just loves good coded websites. It's just easy to crawl website pages without any mark up errors. Also W3C compatibility ensures you correct cross-browser css parsing.

W3C HTML validation
Validate your HTML/XHTML code by using W3C Validation Tool. W3C Validation tools, validates Html or XHTML markup code with internation web standards. It helps you to determine possible errors in markup code that may cause confusion for search engine and results into slow or no search engine crawling. Correctly coded html will push your website into higher search engine rankings. It's one of the quality factors used by search engine like Google.