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1PageRank.com FAQ

Page Rank FAQ & Google SEO how to. Learn more about 1PageRank.com website analytics and how to check your website page rank, trust and popularity.

Rank your website pages and learn your competition!

What is 1PageRank.com?

1PageRank.com is an extreme analytic tool for usual visitors, webmasters and even SEO PRO experts. Just in seconds you may analyze any domain or website you like, you may dig deeper and learn more about keywords and your competitors. Diagnose problems and learn dynamics of your websites, find themes and topics that are related to certain keyword to earn more with Google Adsense and shoot into top pages of search engine results at Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or even Baidu!

Why it is so popular? How it may be useful for me?

With 1 Page Rank, you may extract most valuable data concentrated just in one place within the seconds! Get more about Google Page Rank, SEO, traffic sources, keywords, visitor demographics, safety, back links, Alexa and much more. Website community reviews and trust ranks will help you to decide if the website is safe or not, for example for buying goods or sharing your personal information. You may also check if it is child-safe or protected against viruses, malware or scam. Thinking about selling or buying any website? First, value it! Worth of the website - is approximate parameter, that will show you what price you should think about before taking any serious actions. Searching for similar websites, possible competitors or researching some sort of keywords - this place is great to start. Type your keyword into submit bar and you'll get whole list of useful information!

Is it really FREE? What is the price of your services?

It's absolutely FREE of charge and unlimited, it will stay forever FREE with no time or usage limits! Other companies trying to sell you same SEO ranking services that we have here for free! For a long time our analytic algo was not accessible to public and was used only in internal analysis under corporate use. After great success, we decided to share this SEO analytic and ranking tool with public users and everyone who really want to find more about own or competitors website and start to conquer the web. Enjoy and share it with love!

Can I submit and rank any website? Can I analyze keywords?

Yes, you may submit and check any website you like, just type in website URL or keyword you want to analyze and see how our smart bots will do all the hard work!

How it counts value of my website?

We have patent pending algorithms that uses artificial and smart evaluation system to crawl and learn every detail about your website, statistical and mathematical methods are used to make your website value as correct as possible. Note, website value - is only approximate value and can be used only as starting point for website marketers at SEDO or similar website buy/sell markets.

What is daily income of my website?

Daily income of the website - is perspective income parameter, it shows you how much ranked website may earn according to traffic, visitors, demographics and trust. This is approximate value that shows only potential earnings and possible chances to earn. Final result is always depends on the owners right activity and what tactics are used to monetize website traffic.

What is 1PRS?

1PRS (1 Page Rank Score)- is global analytic score that shows trust, popularity, interest, stability and usefulness of the website. Every website may score from 0 to maximum 1000 1PRS, this is the highest score and is related to Google Page Rank, website daily unique visitors, Alexa Rank, popularity among people, trust ranks, direct visitor reviews and much more. It's very complex parameter that shows precisely real rank of any website and is major score in making any decision about any website. Higher the 1PRS score, better and more prestige is website, company or service. Websites that have 1PRS score more than 500 are really great resources with huge trust, valuable data and popular among other internet visitors.

How i can push up my 1Page Rank Score (1PRS)?

First of all you should get your website 1PRS badge and place it anywhere on your website. Ask your visitors to review your website at 1PageRank.com. Every review is directly interfering 1PRS score formula.

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is Google trademark of link analysis algorithm that is used by popular Google search engine to rank website pages inside the Google search results. The value and quantity of incoming links to the website gain better positions for this website in Google search results under certain keywords. Google PageRank is ranked from 0 lowest rank, to maximum of PR10. It is very complex algorithm that contains hundreds of factors of link judging. One of the most important factors, is Link Juice or do-follow back link quantity. In general, Google PageRank shows how is reputable website in Google search engine, every page of the website has its own PR and it's good factor to learn fast about page value, popularity and age. The most reputable website pages usually ranked at PR7 or more. Domain PR (Google PageRank) has weighty impact on general 1PRS (1 Page Rank Score) and is analyzed and counted as one of the most important parameters for website value, trust, safety and popularity among website visitors.

Where do you get all these data?

Our smart crawlers harvest all possible databases and online resources to find as much as possible about any website or keywords. We have hundreds of thousands domains crawled every day and it is counting in geometrical progression every day. This huge resource machine is analyzing data in light speed and previews it on the screen in concentrated manner. Using 1PageRank.com data you may learn and make your right decisions about website strengths, perspectives and weaknesses.

Do you count reviews and hits from embedded badge inside major 1PRS score formula?

Yes we do, every website that have placed 1PageRank badge or has reviews at 1PageRank.com has some sort of value of activity that directly affects score rank. So make sure you have already added your domain badge into website and asked your visitors to review and rate your website at 1PageRank.com!

How to request website link removal and no index?

Please fill in link removal form here. 1Pagerank.com analytical spiders will stop indexing your website and your website will be removed from our lists. Note that link removal is paid service because of processing time and staff manual workload.

Can I advertise on 1PageRank.com?

Yes, please contact our managers for more details here. We have thousands of active users daily that are probably interested in your services or products.

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